We Envision

We envision crossing borderlines of despair and hopelessness not only in the physical areas surrounding our border town of Fabens, Texas but also in the spiritual areas of lives, spreading the love of Jesus in word and deed.

We believe in crossing over generational, cultural and religious barriers in order to care for the less fortunate.

We envision the curse of poverty over this lower valley area of El Paso and Juarez “broken” by neighbors caring for neighbors.

We envision churches on both sides of the border partnering together and filled to capacity with spirit-filled people loving each other and carrying each other’s burdens.

We envision the widows, orphans and homeless having their needs met by Christian brothers and sisters and that no one should ever go to bed hungry.

We envision children on both sides of the border being clothed and educated and supplied with the necessary tools to be able to care for themselves and others.

Above all, we envision this area on fire for Christ, and that this fire will spread – crossing all borders. Because to Christ, there are no borders. He loves us all equally and we should do the same.